Ripon Rifle & Pistol Club Range Use Rules
(updated March 2021)

         Range Addresses:   Indoor-679 S. Union St; Koro Rd RangeóN9089 S. Koro Rd; FF RangeóN8069 Cty. Rd FF

         4 Rules of Gun Safety--
The gun is ALWAYS presumed to be loaded.
Never point the gun at anything you donít want shot/killed.
Know your target and what is beyond it.
Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.

         No handling of firearms while someone is down range in your bay.

         The outdoor ranges may be used by any current club member (including their spouse and minor children when accompanied by a parent); have your membership card available. Members may bring a guest once.

         The outdoor ranges may be closed for set up and/or during any organized event.

         The outdoor ranges are available to current members on weekdays from 8:oo am -dusk and weekends 8:30am-dusk. BMGís will be allowed on WEEKENDS ONLY!  Exceptions will be police and tactical units for training.

         Appropriate eye/ear protection is mandatory.

         Firearms uncased/unholstered and not in use must be benched with actions open, pointed down range.

         You may use the trap field to practice with regular shotgun loads of 7.5 shot or smaller. NO SLUGS.

         Bring your own targets. Shoot ONLY at approved targets.  NO GLASS!

         Clean up your mess! Dispose of targets, brass and hulls in garbage barrels provided.  Take your misfires with you.
Do not put in garbage barrels or water.  Most of our trash gets burned.

         No tracer or incendiary ammunition; armor piercing with paper targets only. 

         Do not shoot at steel targets with a center-fire rifle at less than 50 yds.

          No fully automatic weapons unless approved by club officers.

         Stands, benches, props, walls, trailers, barrels, etc. ARE NOT targets OR target stands.

         Target stands are provided. Do not attach targets to the target stand posts.  Shoot between the posts.

         Always shoot toward the berms. Do not shoot toward the quarry. All bullets must impact the berm to prevent richochets.  For the Koro Range, be sure to shoot inside the shortest wall of any bay. Do not shoot into the side berms on the 200yd bay on Koro Range and shoot only into berms provided.

         No automobiles (other than emergency) beyond the opening at the bathrooms and sponsor board on the Koro Range. No vehicles past the parking lot on grassy area southeast of pole building.

         Bridge between the outdoor ranges is restricted to authorized use only.

         At FF Range, when 600 yd shooting, place the sign that is at the bottom of the hill into the middle of the drive facing uphill to inform incoming patrons not to proceed further down into the range.  Anyone shooting at 300 and 400 yd benches should leave their car parked on the drive to block members from proceeding.

         Lock the gate if you are the last one to leave.

         Do not share the lock combination with non-members.

         Inform a Club Officer of any issues or problems.

         In case of a shooting accident, call 9-1-1 and state this is a training exercise; perform first aid to injured; make the range cold;  inform the dispatcher  the address of whichever range you are on and follow remaining posted emergency procedures.

         Indoor Range:  Rim-fire rifles and pistols and center-fire pistols with ammunition velocities less than 1000fps; only lead or polymer covered bulletsóno full metal jacket; appropriate eye/ear protection required; firearms that are uncased must be benched with actions open and muzzles pointed down range.

         Be Smart. Be Safe. Your choices on the range affect every memberóNOW.