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Ripon Rifle & Pistol Club

PO Box 543, Ripon WI 54971
NRA Affiliated-Class A Club #248


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Welcome to our Web site!

The Ranges are open to members only, but events are open to the public. We offer a variety of shooting activities for everyone to enjoy.  Beginners are always welcome!   The Indoor Range is open Dec-April; the Outdoor Ranges are open year-round except during the 9 day gun deer season. The County Road FF Range encompasses 25-600yds, trap and sporting clays, USPSA and IDPA. The Koro Road Range is currently host to SASS, 3 Gun, Zombie, Steel Challenge and pistol shooting.

**See the Activities Page for more information on each of these events. **

We also offer instruction for different situations: NRA Basic Pistol, Women Only Basic Pistol, Concealed Carry, Personal Protection in the Home, Refuse to Be A Victim, etc.  Check the Event Calendar.

Current News:


**There will be a special meeting at 7:00pm at the Indoor Range on Wed. Feb. 21 to discuss the construction of the 200yd shooting pavilion on the Koro Rd Range. Everyone is welcome to contribute ideas or expertise. This project is part of the DNR Grant and must be completed by June 30.

Both Outdoor Ranges are open to the paid members. A guest is allowed one time, but you are responsible for them. Opening the Koro Rd. Range to the Public will soon be a reality.  As always, organized events are open to everyone.

Plans to continue the new range are in progress. Anyone with heavy equipment willing to donate their time, gas would be reimbursable, would be hugely appreciated! The current berm needs to be seeded, again. Fill from Northeast Asphalt needs to be hauled from the quarry next to the FF Range and also from the Ripon Compost Center.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE--Clean up after you shoot! We no more than cleaned up the Koro Rd Range, then the next day there were targets blown all over the bay. Be considerate of others. Why should we constantly have to keep cleaning up after some shooters? Why can't people abide by the barriers set up to protect the grounds? Those ruts are unsightly and hell to mow over. Stop and think people!!

** Now through March 31, 2018:

Membership is open to all United States Citizens. Dues are voted on at the October meeting and go in to effect January 1st. A 20-30 minute orientation is required for all new members before a membership card with the combination is given.

(Membership Application on Activities page.)

 There are 4 options:

I. Life Membership--$750
     A card with the current year's combination is given after the vote.

II. Yearly Membership--$60
     This covers an individual, or a husband and spouse, or a family with children through high school age.

III. Young Adult Membership--$25
      For adults age 18-21 (with proof of college enrollment, age 24). This is a full membership.

IV. Limited Membership--$25
     This entitles the member to a discounted price for one event only for the year. No combination is given. The indoor range season is considered one event.